A Black reproductive health, rights, and justice network

Constellation is a national, member-based, Black reproductive health, rights, and justice network that connects, aligns, and weaves dynamic, Black repro leaders and movements towards collective power, bold leadership, and visionary action.

Constellation Membership

Building on the rich wisdom and legacy of Black RJ leadership, Constellation is a network designed for the long-standing and the emergent Black repro health, rights, and justice leader. This space is for Black activists, organizers, lawyers, educators, researchers, scholars, birthworkers, artists and beyond. You might be an individual activist in a small town organizing for abortion access, a researcher within a mainstream reproductive health organization, or a member of a grassroots reproductive justice organization. Whether reproductive justice is your paid work or political home, you are welcome, and we are excited to have you as a member of Constellation!



Joyful Connection

Constellation envisions a Black RJ network that is deeply connected and rooted in the spirit of optimism and possibility. Through curated spaces such as virtual happy hours, campaign acknowledgements, astrological season celebrations, and more, Constellation will practice centering joy and trust-building in our network weaving and shared work.

Intentional Leadership Development

Constellation is invested in relevant and on-going opportunities for members to participate in leadership development. Network members will have no-cost access to trainings and fellowships grounded in Black RJ narrative power, direct action, and innovative opportunities including, but are not limited to: RJ direct action training with BlackOUT, Channel Black: Storytelling and Media training, and a 6-9 month Black RJ innovation fellowship.

Cross-Movement Collaboration

Creating opportunities for strength-based, cross-movement learning exchanges is a priority of Constellation. Members will have several, continuous opportunities to engage, learn, and build alongside leaders from various intersecting movements around strengthening our current models for mutual aid, base-building, winning campaign strategies, global solidarity-building, and beyond.


From narrative power-building to dreaming up politically sharp strategic imperatives, Constellation believes in the collective potency of Black RJ leaders and visionaries to transform our movement. This network will serve as a container for leaders to explore and deepen in political grounding and build our capacity to win access and resources while crafting alternative, futuristic solutions to the systemic reproductive injustices our communities face.

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